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Back to School!

For many students across the state of Georgia, Monday was the first day back to school. As director of the Center for Young Worker Safety and Health at GTRI, with the start of the new school year, I look forward to reentering the high schools throughout the state to conduct safety and health training.

What Young Workers Need to Know About Asbestos

If you are a young worker who is newly employed or about to enter the work force, you were probably told about the importance of workplace safety. Depending on the industry, there can be many different safety concerns. One of the hidden dangers you may encounter in the workplace is asbestos.

Launch of the NJ Safe Schools Cosmetology and Right to Know website pages

Launch of the NJ Safe Schools Cosmetology and Right to Know website pages

Worker Safety and Health App Challenge - Young Workers

Amazing young worker opportunity!

The Department of Labor recently launched the Worker Safety and Health App Challenge on the Challenge.gov Web site at http://workersafetyhealth.challenge.gov/ . This challenge is for developers to use publicly available government information (i.e., OSHA data, NIOSH data, and other online government resources) to educate young workers on the safety and health risks in real work scenarios. 


Submissions should achieve both the following goals:

The Right Package

Jimmy Vo- Right Package

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner: Jimmy Vo. Jimmy attends Charles Drew High School in Clayton County, Georgia. His poster is titled "Right Package."