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Lights! Camera! Action!

Lights! Camera! Action!

The Center for Young Worker Safety and Health is pleased to announce the 2012 Poster and Video Contests! We are thrilled that FabEnCo is sponsoring cash prizes for the winners of each contest. One team member from the grand prize winning team and a chaperone (e.g. parent/guardian/teacher) also receive a trip to Washington, DC for the North American Occupational Safety and Health Week! For more information about the contest and details on how to enter, please check out the following website:

Job Opening for a Student at the Center for Young Worker Safety and Health at GTRI


Student Research Assistant (Occupational Safety & Health- Center for Young Worker Safety and Health at GTRI) ELSYS 

Contact information: jenny.houlroyd@gtri.gatech.edu

Company Ref:  Occupational Safety & Health 

 Professional Areas:  Industrial Engineering, Industrial Hygiene, Public Health, Engineering, Science or related field 

 Location:  ELSYS 

Healthy Kids Healthy Schools Hero Award

We wanted to pass along the following information about an award program for those heros protecting children from unhealthy school conditions. Check it out!

Thinking of Hiring a Young Worker?

If you are thinking of hiring a young worker, let me reccomend reading the following article. The article includes 8 helpful ways to tap into the talent that these young workers have. Check it out.

Tapping Top Young Talent: How to Attract the Best and the Brightest of the Millennial Generation